When everything is lost, it stays with nothing, we lose faith in ourselves, and it is very difficult to return to the right path

These are three ways to keep hope in people:

If they compare themselves with others in a constant problem, because there will always be someone better than them in something. Do not compare at all.

It is comfortable and pleasant when someone boasts, understands, helps, loves, and accepts. But how often does this happen in real life outside your family nest?

You can learn how to love yourself unconditionally. This means that you reject all irrational beliefs that prevent you from loving yourself as it is.

The most common addictions in Rhode Island



Alcoholism – unfortunately, it has become increasingly common for children to start consuming alcohol as early as the age of 16. Happiness is just the stage in which they just want to try. There is no danger of becoming alcoholics except in cases where the community has a bad influence on them.

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Narcotism- one of the most frequent addictions in the world and our country. Every year from the overdose, thousands of people die between 21 and 41 years of age. Most people consume heroin while an increasing number consumes marijuana and other psychoactive substances. In this dependence it is very difficult to determine and feel when a person has moved into the phase of dependence, that is, in the last phase from which there is no return.


Gambling – an addiction that is also uncontrolled by controls. Everything starts with one winning a ticket to invest more and get nothing. Afterward, he switches to poker and large numbers. Fortunately, gamblers, when they see, have nothing to lose, they ask for help.


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